Episode 17: LEGO Snoke, New Standalone in 2020 + Introducing the HoloNet

Stefan and Josh talk about the new LEGO sets for The Last Jedi (including Snoke who is NOT a human), new characters from The Last Jedi, and the New standalone Star Wars film will be decided next month, possibly announcing at D23.
We also introduce our new episode structure. We will now be releasing two episodes per week. One will be the main Star Wars After Hours show (Fridays) where we explore interesting topics, talk to interesting people and get creative. The new show will be the weekly Star Wars After Hours HoloNet (Wednesdays) where we talk about all of the latest news, rumors, speculations, and spoilers.

Visit www.starwarsafterhours.com for all of the social network links and other information, including the Black Series AT-ST figure giveaway!


What if Star Wars was a 1990s comedy? This FRIENDS (TV Show) mashup answers that hilariously!

Posted by I am Addicted to Star Wars on Tuesday, May 30, 2017



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