Episode Two: Jedi Cannibal, Star Wars-Zombies, Star Wars Horror film

This week on Star Wars After Hours, Josh Combs, Stefan Spallino, and Joe Dotson talk about “The Last Jedi” Director Rian Johnson’s Jedi Cannibal song (Rcjohnso – The-ultimate-jedi-who-wastes-all-the-other-jedi-and-eats-their-bones), “Zombies” within the Star Wars Universe, and our own ideas for a Star Wars horror film. Also, Clone Wars will be leaving Netflix on March 7th!

Sorry for technical issues.. and sobriety issues.

Buzz Lightyear VS Darth Vader – www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGVrjk8oogQ

Star Wars vs ALIENS Comic – bloody-disgusting.com/the-further/33…lloween-treat/

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