Star Wars After Hours Episode 26: Sir Tophat McDroiderson

TONIGHT Stefan and Josh talk about new interviews with Mark Hamill about how he really felt about his role in The Last Jedi and also Rian Johnson talking about his writing process and the making of The Last Jedi. We also answer the question: Should the Skywalker line continue, why, and how? We also analyze some of the themes and symbolism of The Last Jedi and most importantly we go over some interesting SOLO NEWS. We look at all of the leaked LEGO sets for Solo: a Star Wars Story and reference back to the set photos we analyzed in Star Wars After Hours Episode 16, including Han Solo’s “Podstang”. We do some digging and find out some information on the “new” planets, creatures, and characters and how they will interact in the upcoming Han Solo solo film. Spoiler alert: They exist in the EU. We also talk a little bit about the relationship between George Lucas and the EU versus Disney-owned Lucasfilm’s relationship with the EU (now Legends).

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